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Swamp Cooler Startup

When we arrive at the home we first talk to the customers and listen to any concerns that they have about the equipment to give us a good idea of how the unit has been working recently.  After that we go through a swamp cooler start-up check list:

  • We remove the cover, fold it and give it back to the customer
  • We remove all the panels and check the pads and water distribution trays
  • We brush out the dirt in the bottom of the pan
  • We re-install the over flow drain tube
  • We look for freeze breaks in the water line
  • We hook up the water line to the float valve
  • We check the pulleys
  • We oil the motor and bearings
  • We check and re-install the blower belt
  • We adjust the belt tension if needed
  • We inspect the electrical cords and plug in the pump and  motor
  • We hook up the water line to the silcock adapter and turn on the water
  • We cycle the control stat on high fan, low fan, high cool, low cool and pump
  • We adjust the float valve
  • We check the water pump and hoses
  • We check the water distribution tubes
  • We check the pan for leaks
  • We recheck the connections for any leaks