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Checking air filters is a necessary step of HVAC system maintenance

How to Take Care of Your HVAC System by Cleaning the Air Ducts


Clean the Air Ducts in Your Home HVAC System for a Better Cooling Effect

Getting the perfect temperature in your home is impossible without a quality HVAC system working without a glitch. In the process of keeping your system in working order, cleaning the air ducts in your house is an important step you should not skip. In order for your cooling and heating system to run smoothly and preserve energy, make sure you keep your air ducts in top shape by following our tips.

Why should you clean the air ducts?

Dirty filters on air ducts slow down the airflow throughout your home and hinder the operation of the HVAC system itself. Clogged up filters cause dirt, hair, and debris to build up in the air ducts and significantly reduce the quality of air in your home. Bad airflow creates a humid environment that serves as a fertile ground for mold development and potential pest and rodent infestations. Your HVAC system will work extra hard in order to cool your home, draining and wasting more energy than necessary. Overexertion due to the lack of maintenance can lead to system failure and a bigger financial burden you did not expect.

How often should you change your filter?

Every three months to make sure your system is operating without difficulties.

Every two months if you own pets because of the increased amount of dirt and pet hair circulating in the air.

Even more often, especially if you notice that your filters get really dirty quickly.

How should you clean your ducts?

Professional duct cleaners thoroughly clean all unapproachable nooks and crannies of your home air duct system, not just the filters themselves.  So, pay attention when you hire someone to do this task for you. If you want to prolong the period between professional cleaning, make an effort to vacuum your home frequently and take care of your system.

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