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Tips on Cleaning a Commercial Property HVAC System

Besides many other tasks that need to be performed day in and day out, being a responsible and efficient landlord or manager of commercial properties also includes taking good care of the HVAC system. By doing so you will eliminate odors, excessive moisture, and stop mold from developing in and around your units, as well as lower your energy costs and make your space a more pleasant place to live in. The easiest way to ensure that your HVAC system is working without a glitch is to follow these simple steps as frequently as possible.

Plan Your Action

Cleaning air ducts is not a risk-free activity and by doing so without being careful, you can release toxic contaminants into your building. In order to avoid possible injuries and discomfort, notify your occupants in advance and take all the necessary steps to keep them protected and your property in good shape.

Dispose of Standing Water

Cooling towers, (de)humidification equipment and drain pans are places where water tends to pool, which in turn can cause mold growth, increase humidity and release odors to your HVAC system. Dispose of all unnecessary standing water around your system, and frequently clean these surfaces.

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Time to Clean

Check both your outdoor and your indoor components and use different sized brushes to loosen dirt and debris that accumulated in the system. Use a vacuum cleaner to reach deeper into the unit and clean thoroughly.

Clean and Change Air Filters

If your building has reusable filters, check them for damage and clean them by carefully following the instructions from the manufacturer. Replace all used-up filters.

Apply Additional Protection

After cleaning all the surfaces, apply necessary sealants, antimicrobial agents and resurfacing materials following all the applicable instructions and regulations.

Do an Annual Inspection with a Professional

Checking the entire system once a year will help detect possible problems with the system and prevent significant malfunctions down the road.

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