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Checking air filters is a necessary step of HVAC system maintenance

When To Clean Your Air Ducts?

With seasons changing, we switch from using our cooling system to turning on the heating and a proper HVAC system checkup is advisable in order to make sure everything runs smoothly. Every responsible homeowner schedules maintenance at least twice a year to avoid unpleasant surprises and malfunctions at most inconvenient times. Even if you follow this advice carefully, there are still unexpected times you should schedule the cleaning of your air ducts.

Health Problems in the Family

If you or one of your family members starts exhibiting signs of allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems that you didn’t have before, hire a professional to clean your HVAC system because it might be facilitating your health issues. This action is also advisable if a member of your family has a weak immune system due to an illness that makes them struggle. Elderly or new members of your family will greatly benefit from clean air in your home as well.

Extend the life of your AC

New Apartment or House

You just moved into your new apartment or house and are in the process of doing the finishing touches to your dream home. After doing the final construction works, don’t forget to get your HVAC system thoroughly cleaned. Even though everything looks nice and new, there is probably a large amount of dirt, dust, and microbes slowly circulating through your space because they got trapped in your air ducts during the construction.

Remodeling Debris

Remodeling old apartments and houses can release a lot of dangerous substances that were used before and are banned today. Materials like asbestos, chips of lead paint, and general dust and dirt can end up in your HVAC system. So add air duct cleaning to your list of tasks that need to be performed before you can fully enjoy your remodeled home.

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