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HVAC And Pets

Owners of furry household pets know very well that creating a safe and healthy home for all members of the family includes regular vacuuming and cleaning to manage excessive hair, dirt and debris their pets drag into the house. Besides these two basic tasks that help with the overall tidiness, there is another aspect that needs to be taken into consideration because it affects the quality of the air in your home – the HVAC system. Even though it is not immediately apparent, pet ownership can significantly influence the way the system works because it presents a danger of clogging. If you live with pets, here are four basic steps you need to take to make sure everything is in working order.

Take Care of the Hair

Most pets shed, creating a need for regular vacuuming to remove the excess hair that accumulates in the home. One of the places hair can accumulate is in your HVAC system. To avoid possible problems with clogging, regularly groom your pets, throwing away the hair before it can flow freely through your home.

Clean the Air Ducts

Clogged air filters cause strain to your system. While some make a habit of changing air filters only once a year, pet owners need to do this more frequently to help their HVAC system function properly.


Pay Attention to the Condenser

The condenser is a piece of the HVAC system that doesn’t mix well with pets so pay attention to their behavior. Teach your furry family members not to play around the condenser because they can get hurt.

Don’t Forget to Schedule Yearly Maintenance

To keep your HVAC system working in maximum capacity, once a year schedule routine maintenance and talk to a professional about the state of your system. Not only will this help you keep everyone safe, but regular maintenance will also save you a lot of money down the road because it will prolong the life of your system.

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Checking air filters is a necessary step of HVAC system maintenance

When To Clean Your Air Ducts?

With seasons changing, we switch from using our cooling system to turning on the heating and a proper HVAC system checkup is advisable in order to make sure everything runs smoothly. Every responsible homeowner schedules maintenance at least twice a year to avoid unpleasant surprises and malfunctions at most inconvenient times. Even if you follow this advice carefully, there are still unexpected times you should schedule the cleaning of your air ducts.

Health Problems in the Family

If you or one of your family members starts exhibiting signs of allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems that you didn’t have before, hire a professional to clean your HVAC system because it might be facilitating your health issues. This action is also advisable if a member of your family has a weak immune system due to an illness that makes them struggle. Elderly or new members of your family will greatly benefit from clean air in your home as well.

Extend the life of your AC

New Apartment or House

You just moved into your new apartment or house and are in the process of doing the finishing touches to your dream home. After doing the final construction works, don’t forget to get your HVAC system thoroughly cleaned. Even though everything looks nice and new, there is probably a large amount of dirt, dust, and microbes slowly circulating through your space because they got trapped in your air ducts during the construction.

Remodeling Debris

Remodeling old apartments and houses can release a lot of dangerous substances that were used before and are banned today. Materials like asbestos, chips of lead paint, and general dust and dirt can end up in your HVAC system. So add air duct cleaning to your list of tasks that need to be performed before you can fully enjoy your remodeled home.

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ntegrating the HVAC Unit Into Your Décor

Integrating the HVAC Unit Into Your Décor

The HVAC system is an indispensable part of our home structure that allows us to live more comfortably, no matter the season. The essential components of this system are significant and can be rather unsightly, especially if you have a particular decorating style, paying attention to every detail. There are ways you can incorporate the cooling and heating units into your décor without compromising your vision. Here are some ideas on how to decorate around your HVAC units.

Redirect the Observer’s Attention

If you want to distract from the large unit on your wall, try using eye-catching designs in the form of an interesting lamp, striking wall color or artwork that will attract attention and draw the eye away from the unit. Place these details closer to the unit but be careful not to highlight it even more.

care for your HVACsystem

For a more pleasant home, consider all the factors before deciding if you should upgrade or simply repair your old HVAC system

Hide the Unit

Before making a decision and installing an HVAC unit in a particular room think about its possible locations and different ways you can hide it without obstructing it. Consult your HVAC specialist and try devising a practical solution that will please everyone. Once it is installed, incorporate the unit into a shelving system, hide it behind a decorative grille, place it underneath a window and encase it with perforated boards. Use a floating shelf to hide it in plain sight.

Invest Into Your Unit

If you have modern and minimalistic décor, consider investing in a better unit with a distinct design that will complement the rest of your home. When buying a new HVAC system, look into different solutions, taking into account the visual aspect of the unit. Consider that you will be using your HVAC system for at least five years or even more if you maintain it correctly, so choose wisely.

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Checking air filters is a necessary step of HVAC system maintenance

Is Your HVAC System a Home for Pests?

The topic of frequent maintenance has been a common one, and we have listed numerous risks connected to a poorly kept HVAC system, and various benefits from DIY as well as professional maintenance check-up. Dirt and debris are mentioned often as the cause of many HVAC problems, but who is actually to blame for different debris finding their way into our system? Besides the elements we cannot control, different small animals cause damages that could have been easily avoided by frequent cleaning and caring for the system as a whole.

What Pests Do to Your System

  • They destroy components within the units and increase the costs of repair and replacement.
  • Larger pests build nests in your system which significantly increases the risk of fire, power loss, and dangerous power surges.
  • The debris animals create (fur, uneaten food, dead animals) change the quality of the air inside your home.
  • They block your system and decrease the efficiency of your unit.
  • They trigger allergies and different respiratory conditions.

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Most Common Pests Found in Indoor and Outdoor Units

  • Bugs – spiders and cockroaches are the most common bugs infesting our homes, and even though they rarely cause concrete damage to the system, they carry diseases and can be poisonous.
  • Mice and rats – these critters love to chew through various materials, including refrigerant lines and other HVAC components, damaging the system. Their bodily fluids and scratching create additional damage.
  • Snakes – not a welcome sight, snakes are often drawn to the heat of the condenser coils and are often unfortunate victims of fan blades, damaging the external unit components in the process.
  • Squirrels and raccoons – Besides chewing through components, squirrels and raccoons make large holes in the walls of your home, causing draughts and making it difficult to maintain your chosen temperature.

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Air Conditioning Repair

Avoid Power Loss Due to HVAC Fails

Our air conditioning system can be one of the major causes why our circuit breaker trips, especially during warmer months when we need the cooling power of our HVAC system to make our everyday life more enjoyable. If you suspect that your air conditioner is to blame for your electricity going down, check these common culprits that might be overheating the system!

Dirty Filters

If you have dirty air filters, chances are your air conditioner is draining too much energy while working hard to pull air through the filters. This exertion can cause an overload of the system, the circuit breaker to trip and this can even blow your fuses. Check your air filters often, and change them every month to two months.


Dirty Coils

Condenser coils are located in the outside unit of your air conditioning system and serve as a conduit for the refrigerant used for cooling. The coolant absorbs heat inside of your home, travels to the condenser coils that allow the air coming from the fans to cool down the refrigerant before it returns to the inside of your home. If the condenser coils are clogged up by dirt and debris, they will not effectively cool down the refrigerant, causing your system to try harder to cool your home, leading to overheating. Turn your system off, use a weak stream of water and wash the coils. If you don’t feel comfortable tinkering around your unit, get it done by a professional.

Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant fluid circulating through your HVAC system is a vital component of the entire system. If there is a leak somewhere and there is not enough of refrigerant fluid in the unit, the system will heat up, trying hard to cool the rest of the refrigerant down. That, in turn, will draw more energy and could trip the circuit. Be careful while searching for the leak and call your contractor to perform the necessary repairs and fill up your system on refrigerant.

Fan Malfunction

If your fans are not working, nothing will pull cool air through the coils, the compressor and the refrigerant will not be able to cool down. This error will force your air conditioner to work harder and trip the circuit once again. Call a professional to fix your fans and avoid blowing your fuses in the future.

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