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Checkup For Your Working HVAC System

Simple Checkup For Your Working HVAC System

We always advocate regular inspections of your HVAC system, especially when seasons are about to change and you are bound to switch from regularly cooling your home to using the heating aspect of your system. Besides the basic tips you can follow to keep the quality of air in your home constant, it is rather useful to know your system and check it regularly to make sure everything is in working order. To keep it in top shape, pay attention to these important elements while your HVAC system is working!

Getting Things to Work

The process of starting up your system should run smoothly and without delay, and the same applies to the process of shutting down. If you have trouble with this, a thorough checkup might be in order.

Is the Air Flowing?

Vents need to be cleaned and unobstructed to allow for airflow, so inspect them and remove possible blockages.

Adjust the thermostat for optimal temperature

Is Your System Working too Hard?

The thermostat is a precious piece of equipment and if not calibrated correctly it can cause your HVAC system to run inaccurately, subsequently causing your bills to increase.

Does it Smell Funny?

Check for peculiar odors once you start using your HVAC system. There are several reasons why this might happen, from debris piled up in the system to faulty electricals. If you cannot determine the cause, shut down the system and call professionals for help.

Good and Bad Gases

If your system operates on gas, pay attention to the gas pressure and check if the values are correct and adjust accordingly. Another important aspect you need to monitor is carbon monoxide emissions that can jeopardize your family’s safety. Install a carbon monoxide detector to be at ease.

Bulbs are Everywhere

Check the bulb temperatures both indoors and outdoors, and if necessary change them.

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Common Reasons Your HVAC System Smells

4 Common Reasons Your HVAC System Smells

After a long and tiresome day at work, there is nothing better than getting cozy with your family in the living room, relaxing and enjoying your space. Besides having a nicely decorated, clean and warm home, the feeling of comfort is influenced by one more element we often forget about until it’s too late – the smell of our home. If you’ve noticed a persistent and unusual odor in your home but haven’t figured out yet what is causing it, it’s time for a small inspection of your HVAC system. Here are the four most common reasons why your home is not smelling so fresh!

You Just Started up Your Heating

Has it been a while since you’ve used your heater? A smell of burning is fairly common after firing up your heating system after a long period of not using it. It’s caused by accumulated dust that usually burns out pretty quickly. You should check for clogged filters if this occurs after several heating cycles because that might lead to overheating.

Your Filter is Clogged

Changing the air filters is imperative for a healthy and fully functioning heating and cooling system because this can save you a lot of money and trouble in the long run. Air circulating through your home goes through the air filters, collecting a lot of dust floating around. In those parts of the year when you use your HVAC system the most, make it a habit to change your filters often in order to improve your indoor air quality.

Repair Your HVAC System

Ventilation Doesn’t Work Properly

The musty smell of your home and condensation leading to rust or mold around your house serve as warning signs that the air is not circulating around your home. Faulty or inadequate ventilation is the most common culprit, and the consequences are insignificant, ranging from health problems to safety issues. Check if all parts of your ventilation are free to maintain a constant air flow.

Something Seems to be Burning in Your Unit

Since your HVAC system is powered by electricity, a faulty electric igniter can cause this unfortunate smell. Power off your unit and contact your HVAC technician without delay to avoid a fire hazard.

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