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HVAC System technician needs to be certified and trustworthy.

How to Choose the Perfect HVAC Contractor for Your Home

Professional HVAC System Contractors for Your Home

Finding a quality service provider for your home is equally important as choosing the right HVAC system.

You’ve had enough with the weather conditions in your area and you’ve finally decided, it’s time to install your first HVAC system. Congratulations! Before you start spending your hard earned money on the latest technological trends, take some time to be realistic and identify your needs when it comes to the heating and cooling of your home. Do some good old-fashioned research in order to choose the right system for your home. After deciding on a brand and model, the next most important step is to find the right person to install it! The market is full of companies offering their services, but not all of them are the right fit for you and your circumstances. Follow these simple five steps to make sure the company you are looking to hire is indeed worthy of your trust.

Ask Around for Recommendations

There is no better way of finding out who to hire than asking your friends and family if they had a satisfactory experience with a company or a certified HVAC technician.

Do Some Internet Research

If you are new to the area, try searching the web for companies with good references. Use online forums and research the websites of companies you are considering. Check their blogs, the FAQ section if they have one, and read the testimonials from other customers. Do your homework.

Ask Potential Contractors to Provide Necessary Credentials

Your contractor needs to have an appropriate license, as well as a contract license surety bond that serves as insurance in case something goes wrong with your agreement. It’s wise to ask for your contractor’s credentials in order to check if the company is qualified to install the model you’ve selected for your home.

Ask for Offers and Specifics via Email

Although it might seem quicker and easier to communicate with your potential contractor over the phone, try to arrange all the specifics via email because that way you will have a written trace of your agreements for future reference.

Sign a Detailed Contract

Your contractor needs to specify several important details in a binding contract, the most important information being the dates when work will be performed, a list of all the costs, a payment schedule and a deadline for the completion of your project.

How to find quality HVAC contractors

A Perfect HVAC Technician Needs to…

-have the necessary skills and be certified

-inform you about the code requirements for your area and any permits
you might need

-be punctual, prompt and honest about the time requirements for the installation process

-be professional and courteous with you at every moment

-be knowledgeable and ready to answer all the questions you might have

Our Total Comfort Heating & Cooling team proudly serves the Greater Denver, Colorado area, and the surrounding Denver, Colorado suburbs. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about your system or need our professional services.

residential HVAC system

5 Common Myths About Your HVAC System

Common Misconceptions about the HVAC System

Adjusting the position of the thermostat is one of the easiest ways to save power and money in your home and avoid the need for professional services.

Buying a new heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system consists of more than just choosing the right model and getting the right contractors to install it. Besides studying the instructions and asking your contractors for advice, it’s important to be aware of common misconceptions about the HVAC system. It’s time to get to know your units in order to enjoy the perfect temperature throughout your home at every moment.

Myth No. 1: A bigger and stronger HVAC system is always better.

False! If you get a system that is too big for the available square footage of your home, it will cost you more! Your system will heat or cool your space quickly, turning on and off repeatedly in order to maintain the temperature you selected for your space. This, in turn, will shorten the lifespan of your unit, and use more power.

Myth No. 2: An energy-efficient unit will automatically reduce your electricity bill.

False! Even though buying an energy-efficient unit is a great start, in order to see real results, you need to check for leaky window seals and insulation problems that may hinder the process of heating or cooling your space.

One of the myths about HVAC is that energy-efficient units are enough to save power and money

Myth No. 3: The position of the thermostat is not that important.

False! Placing the thermostat too close to one of the air vents, windows or radiators can cause the component to give a false reading of the temperature in the room, making the system turn off or on instead of keeping the temperature consistent.

Myth No. 4: Filters need to be changed only once a year.

False! Depending on the amount of dust present in your home, the number of people living in your space and whether or not you have pets, filters get dirty quickly, clog the system and reduce airflow. Clean the filters or change them every few months to maintain your HVAC system in top shape.

Myth No. 5: Keeping your AC running while you are not at home will ultimately save energy.

False! When you are not present in your space, it’s always better to shut your HVAC system off instead of keeping the temperature set on high during the day. Choosing a programmable thermostat can help you limit the unnecessary use of power. Simply set the timer to turn the AC off when you leave or back on right before you return home.

Following these simple tips will help you enjoy your HVAC system without unnecessary expenses and the need for professional help for as long as possible. In case you need thorough maintenance, feel free to contact us at Total Comfort Heating and Cooling to schedule a consultation with our team.