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Residential A/C Units and Their Common Problems That Need Professional Repairs

With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to ensure your residential A/C is working just fine. You do not want to delay if there are any pending repairs and get stuck in a hot summer with a non-functional air conditioner. For any problems regarding your heating and cooling systems, we at Total Comfort are available with our list of residential HVAC services. Serving the industry for the past 24 years, we have the expertise you are looking for to fix all your A/C problems.

So before you set out to look for help, find out if you are facing one of these common AC problems and if your air conditioner really needs professional repairs.

Problems with the Electric Control

There are a number of electric devices and control units that make your A/C unit functional – just like any other HVAC system. As far as your air conditioner is concerned, the fan systems, compressor, and the switches sum up as the most recognizable controls. It is very common for the connecting wires – that take care of different functions – to wear out or corrode over the period. Not paying attention to these electric control systems can damage your A/C unit and could cause total breakdown.

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Leakage in the Refrigerant

Leakage in the refrigerant tops is one of the most common air conditioner problems that homeowners face. Every unit is dependent on this unique liquid known as ‘refrigerant’ to perform its cooling task. If there’s a leakage and loss of this liquid, your A/C unit will stop working efficiently. Therefore, it is essential that an adequate supply of this special liquid is always provided to the unit so that it functions properly. If you find the liquid pooling outside near the condenser, it could definitely mean there’s a leaking refrigerant.

Inefficient Thermostat

The thermostat is a significant component of your air conditioner as it provides the information that helps the unit determine the temperature it should maintain to provide cool air in your home. It’s usually the problem with the thermostat that leads to various A/C problems. You can blame the thermostat when it fails to read or maintain the right temperature. If fixing the temperature does not help you with your A/C problems, it’s an indication you need to seek help from a professional.

Contact the Pros

From air conditioner cleaning to fixing other problems, we have the expertise to solve all your A/C problems in Denver. We believe in providing honest suggestions with regards to your unit’s repairs. If that’s what you are looking for, call us and get in touch with the professionals now.

4 Steps to Get Your AC System Ready for Summer

Do you think to get the AC system repaired early or before summer is foolish? Perhaps you think your AC system doesn’t need it. You’ll get it inspected when there’s a need, right?

Get Ready for Summer

Beware! Sometimes, sourcing the right part takes days, and at other times, you might find out that the contractor has been booked for days in advance! *Gasp*

But before this happens, you should identify if your AC is working properly.

Follow these tips to take care of your AC to get cool, breezy summers:

  1. Check Out the Ductwork

Drywall can hide most of the ductwork. No worries, though. Some part is still open for inspection. Be sure to keep an eye out on leaky ducts as they can let allergens and dust inside your home.

Damaged insulation and rust are all signs of a less-than-average duct work. The duct can also sustain damage from innocuous-looking small animals who try seeking shelter inside. You should inspect for any odd smells coming from vents.


  1. Change the Filters

….because if you don’t, you’ll just be interrupting the airflow, which could lead to worse air-conditioning. If your home has central air conditioning, you must get high-quality filters and be sure to change after every three months.

Your lifestyle can have a huge impact on how frequently you change air filters. Turns out, if you have pets at home or kids, you should change filters every month.  In contrast, those with no pets and less frequent visitors are required to change air-conditioning filters after every 2 to 3 months.

  1. Clean the Coils

They help in movement of hot and cold air, so inspect them regularly for even cooling.

For the central air-conditioning unit, you might need to call a professional, in addition to cleaning the outdoor condenser unit.

  1. Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can save you a huge amount in electricity bills by efficient cooling.

If you have a same daily routine, set indoor temperatures in advance. When you’re not home, the temperatures can be set a little bit higher but cool enough for your pets.

Cool Ways to Have a Great Summer

With these ‘cool’ tips, enjoy summers to the fullest and party hard! For any issues regarding your cooling systems, we at Total Comfort are available to help you out with the proper functioning of your AC system. Serving our clients for 24 years, our immense expertise will help you get your AC system ready for this summer.